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NAHC believes that smart investment in social and affordable housing can deliver sustainable benefits to health, employment and social inclusion for the whole community.

Social Value is central to NAHC’s planning and project management processes. We maintain a responsible and balanced approach to commercial, social and environmental outcomes.

NAHC partnerships have created 21,878 full time equivalent jobs. Through taxes and charges, these partnerships have also generated millions of dollars in returns to the Commonwealth, State and Local governments.

NAHC has partnered with Australia’s leading developers and builders to deliver over 3,325 new affordable homes and $1.3 billion into the Australian affordable housing market over the past six years.

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A brief explaination of the BuyAssist Program.   


Important information for NRAS and other NAHC housing product investors. Our Compliance Team provide regular updates regarding the NRAS Incentive and claim processing. NAHC also promotes keeping dwellings within the NRAS system, so if you are looking to buy or sell we can offer you advice.

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By partnering with some of Australia’s leading community housing providers, private developers, and Government agencies, NAHC applies new and innovative models for the delivery of social and affordable housing in Queensland and elsewhere throughout Australia.

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NAHC is committed to improving social and affordable housing outcomes via partnerships, property and pathways. NAHC’s R & D work includes influencing long-term housing and finance policy with governments; providing a strong evidence base for improvements to policy, funding and delivery; and, creating a suite of viable and effective housing delivery models.​

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NAHC wants you to feel excited about living in one of our rental properties and calling the property your home. You have a right as a tenant to expect a high level of service from everyone within our organisation, especially within the Property Management Team. We want to ensure that you feel safe, secure and know that you are important to us.

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