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NAHC and Places for People

National Rental Affordability Scheme

National Rental Affordability Scheme

NAHC - Places for People

The National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS), is an Australian Government initiative that begun in 2008 that can only be described as successful.

Whilst not at the end of its ten year cycle, the initiative has so far effectively delivered around 34,000 new affordable rental dwellings and provided homes to eligible people and families at 20% below market rates.

The National Affordable Housing Consortium (NAHC) is the largest approved participant (133 approved participants in total) and are responsible for the allocation and distribution of 3,583 incentives to the investors who provide the homes.

NAHC directly provides property management services to 932 properties and its subsidiary HERS provides property management services to a further 196 throughout Queensland and Victoria. NAHC is also responsible for 40 external property managers that collectively manage the remaining 2,455 properties.

  • Look at what can be achieved in partnerships.
  • Can we work together and continue this good work?
  • What else can we achieve together?

Rachel and children

The benefits of NRAS currently provides Rachel

Rachel is a busy, working single mum of 6yr old triplets. She learnt of the NRAS Scheme through friends who have also used the benefits of NRAS.

Rachel says ‘I couldn’t speak more highly of my experience. I never even knew that these types of services were available and the ladies went above and beyond to help me. I had had a very bad renting experience and was then unfortunately stuck having to stay with friends. I was also shifted to casual with my work, giving me a constant feeling of uncertainty. The ladies at NRAS helped me to source all the right avenues to get me the help and assistance I needed to be able to then get an NRAS house’.

The reduced rent ‘has meant the world to me, and for the kids and I to live in a house on our own’. Rachel identified that the stress and anxiety felt by herself and children in past shared accommodation was alleviated when enabled by NRAS to rent a house on their own.

Rachel expressed that the scheme has been ‘incredible beneficial for my children and I and has had such a positive impact on our lives’. She says she would highly recommend NRAS, especially to friends and finds NAHC very thorough and informative.

Rachel would love to be able to own her own house, for herself and 3 children.

Jason and Desley’s positive experience with NRAS

The couple and their 9 year old daughter live in an NAHC managed property in Caboolture. They have expressed that they have had a very positive experience with this scheme and the 20% reduction from market rent has meant that they have had a little bit of extra money for necessities and being able to pay the bills.

‘We were very grateful for the recent assistance we received from NAHC, when the property we were residing in was sold, and we were very fortunate that NAHC was able to help us to secure another property in the same area. This enabled us to keep our daughter at the same school and still be in the NRAS scheme. It is nice to be recognised as a good tenant and have a good rapport with NAHC’.

Both Jason and Desley have identified aspirations of long-term and secure accommodation.